Two Axle Car Carriers

Two Axle Car Carriers

 Brand: CIMC

Country of Origin: CHINA


Specification of Two Axle Car Carrier Semi Trailer

 Dimension & Weight (Approx.):

Total Length: 13988mm

Width: 2750 mm

Tare Weight (Tolerance 0~-5%): approximate 11500kg

Payload: 30,000kg


(The above dimension will be adjusted according to the tractor specification.)


OEM Parts Configuration:

King Pin: 2” exchangeable king pin, Supplier & Typer: JOST.

Landing Gear: JOST C200T. Made in China.

Suspension: Mechanical suspension with 7leaf spring.

Axles: 13 tons capacity. Supplier & Typer: FUWA.

Two Alxes.  Made in China.

Rims: 7.5-20, 10 Holes ISO, 8+1pieces.

Tires: 10.00R20, 8+1pieces, Option by the factory.

Brake System: Dual air brake system, WABCO relay emergency valve, none ABS brake system.

Brake Chamber: 30/30 Typer on rear axle, 30 Typers on front axle

Electrical System: Complete 24V installation with modular wiring harness.

7 pole plugs placed at front in accordance to ISO, norms NO.1185.

Side Lights: Reflectors (orange);

Rear Lights: Direction indicators (orange)/brakes (red)/rear warning (white).