Reach Stackers

Reach Stackers


Country of Origin: SWEDEN/FRANCE

Truck Body:

  • Box-Type chassis and cross-members, hick steel plate reinforcement, both front and rear. Truck body is safe, ergonomic access steps and hand rails LHS+RHS
  • Strong lift cylinder and boom fixations in chassis
  • Lifting eyes, front and rear in the chassis/boom
  • Steel mudguards

Steering Axle

  • Smooth power steering with double-acting cylinder
  • Wide steering angles providing small turning radius

Drive Axle

  • Wide axle with 2-stage hub reduction and differential
  • Oil-cooled, maintenance-free wet disc brakes

Diesel Engine

  • Certified for EU stage 2, 3A, 3B / EPA tier 2, 3, 4I
  • Low-emission
  • Clean, powerful, fuel-efficient with CanBus controls
  • Engine air filter, 2-stage Type


  • Fully automatic, soft shift
  • Torque converter, smooth power shift, declutch, reverse protection, CanBus controls

Electrical System

  • Alternator standard size 55–110 AH
  • Full road lighting (in Halogen): blinkers, brake lights, tail lights, position lights