SL. No. Name of Works/Projects Date of Completion Procuring Entity
1 Supply of 2 No. of Weighing and Bagging Machine in Mobile Container 16 March 2016


Chittagong Dry Dock Limited


2 Supply and installation of 02 units car carrier with tractor and related services 06 June 2016 Dockyard & Engineering Works Ltd.
3 Supply of one (01) Unit of Pneumatic Conveyor and Related Services 05 February 2017 Chittagong Port Authority (CPA)
4 Supply Fitting-Fixing Rubber Fender  in Place of Existing Wooden Fender at GCB Jetty -1 19 March 2017 Chittagong Dry Dock Limited


5 Supplying & Fitting/Fixing MS Material for Jetty Under Structure From GCB Jetty-2 28 February 2017 Chittagong Dry Dock Limited
6 Supply Fitting-Fixing Rubber Fender  in Place of Existing Wooden Fender at GCB Jetty -3 20 November 2016 Chittagong Dry Dock Limited
7 Supplying 08 Nos. 3 Ton Capacity Dump Truck to Chittagong City Corporation through Bangladesh Machine Tools Factory Ltd. 08 February 2017 Chittagong City Corporation
8 Procurement of Eight (08) Items Spare Parts for 04-High Straddle Carrier (Model: NOELL/TEREX) 14 December 2017 Chittagong Port Authority (CPA)
9 Supply of Electrical Spare Parts for Straddle Carriers to MPA April 2018 Mongla Port Authority
10 Replacement & Re-powering of Main Engine (1 No.) Gear Box & Propulsion System  of M.L. Jarip -15, Supplying, Installation, Testing, Commissioning & Delivery to CPA Through DEW 05 December 2017 Dockyard & Engineering Works Ltd. (DEW)
11 Supply of Lowering Valve & Steering Computer 28 October 2018 Chisttagong Port Authority (CPA)
12 Supply f Battery Diode & Unit Module October 2018 Mongla Port Authority
13 Local Part of Supply of Two (02) Numbers Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane Commissioning & Related Services to CPA October 2018 BMTF
14 Replacement of Damaged Rubber Fender for CCT, NCT and RM-4 Jetties 10 January 2019 Chittagong Dry Dock Limited


15 Supply of 5 nos. Converter and Built in Gear for 4H Terex SC Model NSC-644E of Zonal workshop-C 03 June 2019 Chittagong Port Authority (CPA)
16 Supply of Hydraulic Block for Straddle Carrier Brand Terex of Mongla Port Authority Mongla October 2019 Mongla Port Authority