SL. No. Name of Works/Projects Date of Completion Procuring Entity
1 Supply of 30 Nos 3 ton Capacity Low Mast Forklift truck with Spare Parts, tools, accessories and related services. 21 January 2016 Chittagong Port Authority (CPA)
2 Supply of Two (02) Numbers Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane With Spare Parts Tools & Accessories to CPA 04 March 2018 Bangladesh Machine Tools Factory Ltd.
3 49 Items Terex/Noell Straddle Carries Spare Parts Supply to CPA 24 July 2018 Chittagong Port Authority (CPA)
4 Supply of Thirty four (34) items spare parts for 40 ton capacity Noell and Terex brand Straddle Carrier 15 October 2018 Chittagong Port Authority (CPA)
5 Supply of 08 Nos. of 10 Ton Capacity Forklift Truck 04 October 2018 Chittagong Port Authority
6 Supply of 02 Nos. of 20 Ton Capacity Forklift Truck 20 December 2018 Chittagong Port Authority
7 Supply of 03 (Three) Number of 4 High Straddle Carrier with Spare Parts, Tools, Accessories and Related Services to CPA through BMTF 23 June 2019 Chittagong Port Authority