Prosertek Marine Fender


We offer the products of leading European harbor equipment manufacturer Prosertek S.L. Spain. We offer different kinds of Fender, adapted to each port and every marine sector requirements which designed in accordance with customer requirement. We also offer Marine Fender installation services and maintenance services of the specific kind of Fender.

Our wide range of product includes several kinds of Marine Fender typology, each one oriented to a specific function, as:

  • SC Type Fender
  • TCN Type Fender
  • HZ Type Fender
  • IV Type Fender
  • V Type Fender
  • VA Type Fender
  • TTV Type Fender
  • C Type Fender r
  • EC Type Fender
  • ECN Type Fender
  • ECR Type Fender
  • FL-F Type Fender
  • FL-N Type Fender