Asphalt Mixing Plants


The unique technology of LINNHOFF/LINTEC Screen Drum System combines the processes of drying and screening of aggregates in one drum. This technology results in overall lesser operating cost from reduced fuel consumption and reduced maintenance cost compared to conventional asphalt plants with separate drying and screening processes. Furthermore, LINNHOFF/LINTEC Screen Drum system eliminates the hot elevator and vibrating screen sections otherwise required in conventional asphalt plants. The proximity of Screen Drum to the Hot Mineral Bins ensures the maximum heat retention to the aggregates.


  1. Lower fuel consumption
    – Shorter route of aggregates with heat losses contained.
  2. Lower maintenance cost
    – No need to change worn-off buckets, bearings, chains, etc. as hot elevator is not required.

Result: Lower Plant Overall Operating Cost



The “LEP 95” system (LINTEC Ecological Processing) is a patented warm mix asphalt solution. It is available for all new and used LINTEC asphalt mixing plants as well as retrofit for plants of other brands. The solution uses proven technology to produce high quality asphalt at temperatures from 95°c to 100°c with the foam bitumen system.


  • Up to 35 % reduction in fume emissions
  • Up to 35 % reduction of CO2
  • Energy savings up to 40 %
  • Reduction in processing temperatures approximately 80° C
  • Composition and durability of warm mix is equal to hot mix
  • Production temperature 95 – 100° C
  • Process type: Foam